Bubblegum Crisis to get live action treatment

15 05 2009

JG Bubblegum CrisisIn a joint, multi-national effort, it has been announced that a live action adaptation of the anime series Bubblegum Crisis has gotten a greenlight, and is due out early 2012.

Bubblegum Crisis remains a fan favorite for American otaku who go back before the late 90s anime boom, known as the “golden years.” The original series sold over 600,000 on VHS and laserdisc (yes, we said laserdisc!).

The $30 million film will be shot in Australia, and so far the cast hasn’t been decided. It appears the film will largely focus on the original series, not the Tokyo 2040 remake which fans were generally lukewarm towards.

Bubblegum was famous for its totally rad 80s music (which, of course, was current when the show was airing). To hear some BBC tunes, click: Here! And a totally 80s music video of Konya ha Hurricane: Here!