One Piece to simulcast with Ep. 403

14 05 2009

JG Luffy and ZoroU.S. fans of the anime series One Piece have reason to rejoice: Funimation recently announced that the series will be broadcasting simultaneously in Japan and America starting with episode 403. 

Each episode will be available on the website, and will be available within an hour of its broadcast in Japan. The video will then trickle down to Funimation’s partner sites. 

If continued, the trend of simulcasting could make anime more accessible to fans overseas, decreasing waiting time for those craving the latest episode. It also allows the company to control the online video dissemination, enabling them to make online video a viable economic model with the sale of advertising.

The Tatami Critic reviews: The Machine Girl

14 05 2009

JG Machine Girl 1The Machine Girl

2008, Tokyo Shock

By B.C. Kowalski

There’s gore, and then there’s gore.

In the case of the 2008 film The Machine Girl, there’s gore, more gore and gore gone wild.

The Machine Girl, a film largely about revenge, is certainly not for the squeamish. Coming from someone who laughs at splatterfests like Grindhouse and the Freddy and Jason movies, this film put this critic drooling in the corner for a few days.

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