Streaming fun: Inuyasha, Angel Beats!, Randys and Tegami Bachi

30 09 2009

JG Tegami BachiThe official Inuyasha Website has updating with a streaming 30-second promo for its latest anime, based on the last 21 manga volumes of the series. The series begins simulcasting this Saturday, Oct. 3. Find it: Here!

Two new promos for the mixed media project Angel Beats! have been released, though still no actual animation. The project comes from Key, responsible for Air, Kannon and Clannad, Find promo video four and five Here! and Here!

Also streaming on Youtube since last Friday, a promo for the live action film adaptation of the manga series Randys, The story is about a street fighter who starts a problem solving service named after baseball player Randy Bass. Check that out: Here!

Last but not least, Cruchyroll has announced it will be simulcasting Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee, shown above) starting this weekend. Based on the manga series of the same name, Tegami Bachi is about a letter service in a world of perpetual night. Check out the promo video: Here!

New Inuyasha simulcasts Saturday

28 09 2009

JG InuyashaViz has announced that it will be simulcasting the anime series Inuyasha: The Final Act on Saturday, Oct. 3.

The series will be available on and Hulu.

Inuyasha:The Final Act will cover the last 21 volumes of the manga series which was not adapted in the first anime series. For a trailer of the new series, click: Here! (Sorry for the text in the middle of the video. Finding a good promo where someone didn’t selfishly feel the need to put their stamp on it proved difficult. -editor)

Check it! Fall anime line-up

24 09 2009

JG Negima SekaiOnce again the fine folks at Moonphase have put together a chart of the anime series debuting in fall. The list is huge, and amazingly most of the shows fall in October.

Some big highlights include the newest Inuyasha anime, The Final Act, which wraps up the rest of the manga series; Fairy Tale, based on the excellent manga series; Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi); Kobato, based on the CLAMP manga; and Kiddy Girl-and, sequel to the sleeper hit Kiddy Grade.

Also continuing are the To Love Ru OVA series, the Aika: Zero OVA series and Negima: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai.

For the full list of upcoming anime, click: Here!

Inuyasha: The Final Act to debut in Asia

15 09 2009

JG InuyashaInuyasha: The Final Act, the 26-episode sequel to the animated series based on Rumiko Takahashi’s manga of the same name, will debut in Asia on Oct. 10, one week after the  Japanese debut of the series.

The series finishes where the first series left off, and is a condensed version of the final 21 tankoban volumes of the manga that didn’t make it into the first seres.

Fans of the first series should recognize some familiar voices, as the series’ cast and staff have been retained for this latest installment into the Takahashi canon.

Check it! New Takahashi manga now online

11 05 2009

JG_RinneViz media now has available the first chapter of Ranma 1/2 creator Rumiko Takahashi’s newest series, “Rin-ne.” To read the story, which is in English, follow the link: Here!

Rin-ne is a story about a high school girl who, after an incident in her early childhood, has the ability to see ghosts while struggling with trying to be a normal teenager. The first few pages look like everything one would expect from Takahashi — sharp and subtle.

A link to the Japanese version will be posted as it becomes available.

Ranma creator’s latest to get simultaneous publication

16 04 2009

jg_rinneFollowing the much anticipated announcement of Rumiko Takahashi’s latest manga, entitled Rinne, it was announced by Viz Media that the manga would be published online as it comes out in Japan. The first chapter is scheduled to be available on Wednesday, April 22. Kyoukai no Rinne, or Rin-ne in the U.S., Takahashi’s latest, who is best known for the works Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha.