Onechanbara DVD slated for Aug.

17 05 2009

JG OnechanbaraThose looking forward to the video-game based movie  Onechanbara: Zombie Bikini Squad won’t have to wait long — the DVD is slated for an August U.S. release.

Based on the Xbox 360 game, Onechanbara is about almost exactly what its subtitle suggests — a group of scantily clad females hack and slash their way through hordes of zombies before they take over the metropolis. The original game was panned by critics for its repetitive gameplay, though fans were not likely complaining.

The film will be released in anamorphic widescreen, with Japanese audio and English subtitles.  To see a trailer for the film, click: Here!

Sakura Wars V coming to U.S.

13 05 2009

JG Sakura TaisenSakura Wars has long been a staple of the Japanese video game market since the days of the Sega Saturn, but the series never found a place in the U.S., as it was assumed (probably correctly) that the dating simulation elements wouldn’t translate to an American Market.

Now, NIS has announced that it will be bringing the latest installment of the franchise, Sakura Wars V, to the U.S. Renamed Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, the series about a drama troupe who doubles as mecha pilots will make its way to the Wii and PS2. This incarnation takes place in a very fictional 1920s New York, with a plot revolving around a naval recruit in charge of the theatre troupe. 

Sakura Wars is slated to hit U.S. shores this fall. To see the opening movie for the Japanese version, click: Here!

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy IV sequel

1 04 2009

jg_ffivRumors circled the watercooler in the last couple weeks as some trademarking hinted at the cell phone sequel to Final Fantasy IV, called The After Years, would indeed be coming stateside. Square Enix recently confirmed those rumors, and the game will be available  on Wiiware. It is not clear whether Square Enix will be releasing them in separate character chapters, like they did in Japan, or in one lump sum.