New Machine Girl Special Edition DVD coming

18 05 2009

JG Machine Girl 2For those whom Machine Girl wasn’t gory enough, Tokyo Shock announced it will be releasing a special edition of the J horror film, due out this August.

The two-disc set, called Machine Girl Remix, will feature the original short film teaser Machine Girlite, originally called Shyness Machine Girl, and will have the film in anamorphic widescreen. 

Machine Girl is a film about a girl whose brother and nearly everyone she cares about is killed by a ruthless Yakuza heir and his family. After a failed attempt at vengeance leaves her without an arm, she replaces it with a machine gun and continues her quest for vengeance. 

To see a trailer for the film, click: Here!


New Lone Wolf DVD box sets coming soon

18 05 2009

JG Lone WolfAfter having released them in six two-disc sets, the Lone Wolf and Cub TV series will be released on Aug. 11.

Lone Wolf and Cub, originally a manga series and retold in many forms, is about an assassin for the shogun who’s ousted by secret plot from a rival clan and forced to flee with his son after his wife is killed. He embarks on a journey to take vengeance on those who betrayed him. 

To see a trailer for the series, click: Here!

New Eva 2.0 phone model announced

18 05 2009

JG Eva phone 2Fans eagerly anticipating the newest in the four-film Evangelion remake have even more reason to get excited — now said fans can have their own Eva 2.0 phone.

Announced by NTT Docomo, the “NERV only” phone will have a specific function in the films, though details haven’t yet been released. Eva creator and director Hideaki Anno and Studio Khara had their hand in the phone’s design. 

More details of the new phone model are expected to be released from NTT Docomo as the film’s release approaches June 27.