Check it! Gothic Lotita Psycho trailers

25 05 2010

Two trailers have been posted for the upcoming film Gothic Lolita Psycho on Nippon Cinema’s website. (Gothic Lolita Psycho)

The movie is about a girl who gets revenge on those who killed her mother by dressing up in gosurori – gothic and lolita styles mixed together – and wreaks carnage on them with, among other weapons, a machine gun umbrella.

The movie seems to mix gore with humor, especially evidenced by the gag trailer also posted.

The film is slated to release at the Theater N in Shubuya on September 4, 2010.

New Machine Girl Special Edition DVD coming

18 05 2009

JG Machine Girl 2For those whom Machine Girl wasn’t gory enough, Tokyo Shock announced it will be releasing a special edition of the J horror film, due out this August.

The two-disc set, called Machine Girl Remix, will feature the original short film teaser Machine Girlite, originally called Shyness Machine Girl, and will have the film in anamorphic widescreen. 

Machine Girl is a film about a girl whose brother and nearly everyone she cares about is killed by a ruthless Yakuza heir and his family. After a failed attempt at vengeance leaves her without an arm, she replaces it with a machine gun and continues her quest for vengeance. 

To see a trailer for the film, click: Here!

Check it! Yamagata Scream

27 04 2009

jg-yamagata-screamHard to tell if it looks awesomely bad or just plain awful, but one can’t say of Naoto Takenaka’s Yamagata Scream that it looks boring. Long, multi-color haired demons and school girls wearing silly hats out of construction paper — this has the makings of one campy movie. Check it out: Here!