Gantz tops Japanese box office

1 02 2011

All the buzz paid off for the Gantz film, which debuted at the top of the Japanese box office in its opening weekend.

Gantz debuted in the U.S. January 20th, a bit before the film’s Japanese debut.

The film took in 590 million yen in its first weekend, drawing 454,000 moviegoers to 410 screens across Japan.

Based on a seinen manga series, Gantz is the story of two college students killed in a train accident, but are forced to join with several other recently deceased people in order to fight aliens in a chance to regain their lives.

The second film is scheduled to come out April 32, 2011.

Bamboo Blade manga ends in September

20 08 2010

Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine announced Friday that the Bamboo Blade manga series will be ending with the Sept. 3 issue.

The series is about a kendo instructor who is challenged to a duel by a former classmate to a duel between their female students. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any… yet.

The series began in 2007, and the anime was licensed for North America.

Solanin manga to get movie treatment

10 04 2009

jg_solanin2Here’s a nice change of pace — a movie based on a manga series that is not shounen or bishoujo. Solanin, is a manga for a demographic called seinen, meant for 18-30 year olds.

In this story, Inoue and Taneda have been together since college, and now live in the “real world,” with Inoue pulling most of the financial weight while Taneda does whatever freelance illustration work he can find. Their already strained relationship becomes even moreso when Inoue loses her job, though they remain supportive of each other. Will they be able to realize their dreams, or just get by?

The manga demonstrates the ambiguity of real modern life, and it’s easy to see why this would appeal to a more mature audience. No trailer yet, unfortunately!