Check it! Summer anime preview posted

23 05 2010

Compiled by data from moonphase, the latest chart featuring anime series debuting in June and July has been posted.

Here’s the breakdown from J Geeks:

The good: Seikimatsu no Occult Gakuin holds the promise of a fun supernatural/academy series, with an occult university locked up like a fortress. Nurarihyon no Mago, based on a manga series, holds promise in the form of taking an anime staple – the reluctant demon – and turning it on its head.

The bad: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes might as well be called Generic adventures of the Generic Stock Characters. I got bored just reading this title. I realize the title makes a little more linguistic sense in Japanese – but only a little.

The moe: Strike Witches 2. Love it or hate it, its about as moe as they come.

The weird: Osaka Hamlet. As far as anime goes, maybe this isn’t so weird, but one character’s obsession with the character Hamlet might pave the way for some interesting Shakespeare references, rending this beyond the usual fare of animation from Japan.

Wanna see for yourself? Check out the chart, plus a very extensive release schedule,  here: (Summer anime).

Trailer posted for Nurarihyon no Mago

5 04 2010

A trailer for the upcoming series, Nurarihyon no Mago, has been posted  to the series’ home page, and can be found here: (Nararihyon no Mago).

Based on the manga series by Hiroshi Shiibashi, the story is about a part-human, part-demon boy who does good acts to avoid succumbing to his grandfather’s wishes — that he take over the demon clan.

The series is set to premiere in July in Japan.

Juden-chan anime “complete edition” in the works

11 09 2009

JG Fight IppatsuFight Ippatsu Juden-chan, one of the new anime series of the summer which recently wrapped up, announced that a “complete edition” of the series is in the works.

The story centers on Juden-Chan, a bubbly-if-not-incompetent employee of a parallel universe company sent to Earth to “charge people up” (literally, with a plug) those who are becoming dangerously depressed. 

The series is based on a manga by Bow Ditama, and has been simulcasting on Cruchyroll (find the all the episodes: Here!).

Check it! Umi Monogatari opening streamed

16 06 2009

JG Umi no MonogatariThe opening for Umi Monogatari, previewed in J Geek’s June Summer Anime Preview, can be seen streamed online. 

Umi Monogatari’s story is such: Two sisters live under the sea (though yearning to see the surface), until they one day discover a ring sinking to the surface. Determined to return to return the ring, the two embark on a journey to the surface to find its owner and fulfill their dream of seeing the dry world, while inadvertently awakening a higher power.

Umi Monogatari debuts on June 24. Check out the opening by clicking: Here!

Tatami Toons: Anime Summer Preview – June

11 06 2009

The summer anime season is upon us, and as you read this the first of summer’s newest series are already airing in Japan with more to follow. Below is a few short capsules based on all the info J Geeks could dig up about the newest shows this season. It’s always interesting to see which anime shows are airing in Japan, and there’s a certain feeling associated with following a show before its domestic popularity and seeing it become big. While most of the shows below will likely not reach an audience outside of Japan, some will, and it will be interesting to see which ones do.

The following are the new shows airing in June, based on a report from Moon Phase diary. Included also are websites, promo video links if they could be found, and a commentary on each shows level of excitement and its likelihood of a stateside release. (Please note the last item is mostly speculation, which time could totally prove wrong.) July and August will follow.

Without further ado, here goes:

JG Card GakuenCard Gakuen

TBS, 6/05/09, 25:25, Fri.

Somewhat in the vein of shows like Cardcaptor Sakura and Yugioh, comes an anime based on the trading card game called Weiss Survive. The show, a series of animated shorts, are designed to run with the Card Gakuen card game tutorial show, with each segment to run about 2:30 min. In the show, eight high school idols have card battles with each other. The animated shorts are based on a manga by Takuya Fujima, which follows Takeshi and Michi as they attempt to battle their way out of the card world, which they’ve become lost in.

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