New Suzumiya Haruhi trailer streamed

10 12 2010

Bandai Namco Games began streaming Thursday a teaser promo video for an upcoming Suzumiya Haruhi PS3 game.

Called The Reminiscence of Suzumiya Haruhi, the game will take place after the 2010 Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie, and the film’s production committee oversaw the game’s story.

Players take on the role of Kyon, who returns to the Kita High School Festival in a world where the S.O.S. Brigade does not exist.

The game is due out March 24. A PSP version is also planned.

Also, rumor has it the Haruhi movie will release in Japan Dec. 18. The closest confirmation of this is a listing on CD Japan’s website: (The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi)

Amazon Japan also lists the street date as Dec. 18. Check it out here: (The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi).

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Spice and Wolf 16th novel will be last

4 12 2010

The 16th volume of light novel series Spice and Wolf will be the last in the series, according to Temple Knights website.

The unique medieval fantasy light novel series which focuses on economics and religion has spawned anime, manga and drama CD adaptations.

The Temple Knights website mentions there is still a possibility of Wolf and Spice short stories in the future.

The 16th novel will release on Feb. 10.

Mini skirt Space Pirates anime set for 2011

18 11 2009

Mini Skirt Space Pirates, a light novel series, has a anime adaptation slated for 2011.

Directed by the same person who did Stellvia and animated by the studio behind Macross Frontier, Aquarion and Basquash!, an exact date for the series is yet unknown.

The sci-fi story centers on a girl who works part-time at a space yacht club, but is conscripted by two associates of her father’s to command a space pirate ship. In a miniskirt.

The third volume of the series is slated to launch on Nov. 20 in Japan, and was the first title to publish under the Asahi novels imprint.

Bungaku Shoujo trailer released

16 11 2009

The light novel series Bungaku Shoujo’s homepage released a 60 second trailer for its upcoming movie adaptation.

The story centers on the president of a literary club, who has supernatural powers and feeds on stories, literally eating pages of text. A young reclusive writer knows her secret and composes stories to feed her.

The film is slated to open Golden Week in 2010, which is toward the end of April and early May. To see a trailer for the film, click here: (Bungaku Shoujo).

Early impressions: Taishou Yakyuu Musume

30 09 2009

JG Taisho YakyuIf combining moe characters, historical fiction and the great American pastime of baseball sounds like an impossible task, then one hasn’t seen Taishou Yakyuu Musume.

Based on a series of light novels, the series centers on a group of girls who, in Japan’s Taishou era (circa 1925) want to start a girl’s baseball team in an era when women are scolded for even running and the general sentiment is that they should be training to be housewives instead of going to school.

Though always considered an American sport, many fans often forget that baseball has an important spot in Japanese history, with games dating back at least as far as the events of Yakyuu Musume are concerned.

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Kodakawa adds Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

30 06 2009

JG Suzumiya HaruhiKodakawa’s anime channel on Youtube recently added the first eight episodes of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi to its selection of videos. 

The show, based on a series of light novels, is  high school girl Suzumiya Haruhi, who can unconsciously change reality and is a member of the unusual club, the SOS Brigade. 

The channel seemed to suggest that the episodes would only be available until July 6 (July 5 for us in the U.S.), so those interested should take heed. To watch the videos, click: Here!

New Trailer for Spice and Wolf II posted

11 06 2009

JG WolfThe official website for Okame to Koshinryou (Spice and Wolf) has posted a trailer for the second season of the anime adaptation in anticipation of its debut on July 8.

Based on a series of light novels, Spice and Wolf follows the story of a medieval traveling salesmen who is befriended by a half-wolf, half-human girl that local villagers consider the god of the harvest. 

To see the website with the new trailer (you’ll need to be able to play asp files) click: Here! Otherwise, here’s the original 15 sec. video, Here! (To be updated when a better source for the first video is discovered.)

Early Impressions: Sora Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space)

28 05 2009

JG Sora 1Most anime fans are likely familiar with Sunrise, the company who brought us the oft-revered Gundam Wing, as well as each subsequent series like Gundam Seed and the currently popular Gundam 00. Fans searching for slick-looking space battles between shiny, fast mobile suits know that Sunrise is the ticket.

Not largely known outside of Japan, though popular among the anime insider crowd (those who follow the trends in Japan, admittedly an arduous and never-ending task), is a lesser-known title in the Sunrise lineup, Sora Kakeru Shoujo — literally translated as sky-soaring girl, though generally translated as The Girl Who Leapt Through Space.

Sora Kakeru Shoujo is the brainchild of the creative minds at Sunrise, and to sum up the show very briefly: It’s Gundam with girls. Lots of them. In fact, the vast majority of the cast in this show, whether it’s the space patrol, the security guards, or of course the main characters, they’re all females. Otaku who couldn’t get enough of the female characters in Gundam will get an eyeful in Sora Kakeru.

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Rights acquired to Spice and Wolf

28 05 2009

JG WolfPopular anime series Spice and Wolf has been picked up by Funimation for release in the United States.

The medieval series, based on a light novel series by Isuna Hasekura, is about a traveling merchant who befriends the somewhat human reincarnation of a wolf god, who traditionally protects the fields for the harvest. She has a tail and ears but otherwise looks human, though revealing her transforms her into something terrible.

The series will be releasing its second season in Japan this June. To see the opening for Spice and Wolf, click: Here!

Gundam Unicorn to air worldwide simultaneously

27 04 2009

jg-unicorn-gundamBandai’s latest Gundam anime, Gundam Unicorn, will be released around the world simultaneously in 10 different languages. It hasn’t been announced what format the series will air on, but Bandai already has Gundam 00 and Code Geass: Lelouch the Rebellion on Youtube, so this would seem like the most likely candidate. 

Gundam Unicorn is based on a series of light novels by Harutoshi Fukui. The story involves Gundam’s Universal Century timeline, and takes place three years after the events in Char’s Counterattack. The anime version is slated for sometime in winter 2009. For a quick preview, click: Here!