One Piece recap OVA announced

5 02 2010

Due out March 17, according to Anime Newtype Channel, is One Piece an album CD featuring mostly openings and endings from the show. Bundled with the album will be a recap OVA series.

The recap is supposed to cover the entire One Piece saga up its current position (impressive, given its 10+ years run).

The album itself will contain 33 music tracks, and will retail for 3360 yen, or 3990 for the special edition.

J Geeks Weekly Roundup

26 12 2009

With little surprise, One Piece once again dominates the weekend box office charts for the week before X-mas, taking the No. 1 spot the for the second week in a row since its premiere. It will be interesting to see how much staying power the film will have. The only addition to the chart is the Nodame Cantabile movie.

As per usual, the Jpop charts are completely different this week, with the top spot going to Masaharu Fukuyama.

Topping the anime charts this week is a little slice of Americana. Bolt earned the No. 1 spot on the Oricon weekly DVD charts, with the latest Pokemon Movie to release on DVD coming in second.

It must be breaktime at the NY Times, with no manga update for the week.

One Piece prequel anime, manga coming

5 11 2009

JG One PieceAccording to Comic Natalie, and OVA of a prequel to the One Piece manga is in the works.

The OVA will be available in a limited release of 3,000 through a promotion with House Foods in Japan. The manga version of the prequel will appear in the 53rd volume of Shonen Jump, where the series is serialized.

If you happen to live in Japan (or will be there for the movie’s opening), 1a copy of the prequel manga , volume zero, will be given to the first 1.5 million attendees of the 10th film Strong World), opening Dec. 12.

See a trailer for the film here: (One Piece Film)

First impressions: Fairy Tail

28 10 2009

JG Fairy Tail anime 3Critics could probably be forgiven for calling Fairy Tail another One Piece. With cartoony animation, a very powerful but very silly make protagonist and an attractive but sly female lead, and its easy to see why this comparison would crop up in more than one review.

In fact, Eiichiro Oda and Hiro Mashima, manga-ka of One Piece and Fairy Tail, respectively, were both heavily influenced by Akira Toriyama, and the styles of both artists look strikingly similar.

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One Piece relaunches simulcast

18 08 2009

JG One PieceFans of the anime series One Piece expressed a great deal of disappointment over the cancellation of the simulcast of the series, after an episode was leaked before it was broadcast. Months after the cancellation, Funimation has announced that it will relaunch the simulcast, starting with episode 415. 

The simulcast will begin at 9 pm Central time Saturday, Aug. 29, one hour after it airs in Japan.

The simulcast was first slated to begin May 30, but the leaking of the episode Funimation pulled the plug on that and two other simulcasts. The other two shows restarted in a week, but One Piece sat in limbo until now.

Full trailer up for 10th One Piece movie

11 08 2009

JG_One_PieceA full trailer for the 10th One Piece movie, Strong World, is up now and can be found Here! 

One Piece manga-ka Eiichiro Oda is determined that this film will be different from the previous nine, writing the story himself and submitting about 120 rough sketches to director Munehisa Sakai to work from. The film appears to take place between the Thriller Bark and Sabaody story arcs.

The film will release on Dec. 12 in Japan.

Shonen Jump adds first manga chapters free online

4 08 2009

JG KagijinEver wanted to check out the first few chapters of your favorite manga series without the terribly time-consuming process of downloading them illegally (or, yeah, buying them)? Check out Weekly Shonen Jump’s official website (Here!), where they’ve posted the first chapters, including: One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, Gintama, Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo, To Love-Ru -Trouble-, Sket Dance, Psyren, Nurarihyon no Mago, Toriko, Bakuman., Inumarudashi, Kuroko no Baske, Beelzebub, Medaka Box, Akaboshi, Anedoki, Kagijin, Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar, Wasshoi! Wajimani, D.Gray-man

Some of these, like Kagijin, are brand new whereas others are older. Kochira Koenmae, for example (that’s the nickname for that ridiculously long title) is the longest running serialized manga (others like Golgo 13 have been around longer but did not publish continually). 

And if you want manga in English (the above are in Japanese, on the Japanese site) then check out U.S. Shonen Jump’s site (Here!) to get a large selection of their serialized regulars (there seems to be a lot).