Sakura Wars V coming to U.S.

13 05 2009

JG Sakura TaisenSakura Wars has long been a staple of the Japanese video game market since the days of the Sega Saturn, but the series never found a place in the U.S., as it was assumed (probably correctly) that the dating simulation elements wouldn’t translate to an American Market.

Now, NIS has announced that it will be bringing the latest installment of the franchise, Sakura Wars V, to the U.S. Renamed Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, the series about a drama troupe who doubles as mecha pilots will make its way to the Wii and PS2. This incarnation takes place in a very fictional 1920s New York, with a plot revolving around a naval recruit in charge of the theatre troupe. 

Sakura Wars is slated to hit U.S. shores this fall. To see the opening movie for the Japanese version, click: Here!

Check it! Sinfest Street Poetry

13 05 2009

JG SinfestRecently catching the eye of Dark Horse Presents is an English language manga strip from Tatsuya Ishida called Sinfest: Street Poetry. The series about a pair of street poets draws heavily from manga style but includes other influences from the American comic scene as well.

A two-page color strip recently appeared in Dark Horse’s myspace webzine, Dark Horse Presents, and can be found by clicking: Here! 

The Web comic has been active since 2000, and supposedly publishes daily. To see the site, click: Here!