Check it: Abacus and Sword

22 09 2010

Movies about the Edo period of Japan are a dime a dozen, but a movie about an Edo-period accountant?

Abacus and Sword (Bushi to Kakeibo) explores the world of accountant Hachidaime, who along with his wife (Yukie Nakama of Gokusen fame), struggles to keep their life in order during a time of political upheaval. The film is based on the diary of an unknown accountant working for the Kaga Samurai Clan.

The movie is lated to release in Japan on Dec. 14. In the meantime, see the trailer for the movie here: (Abacus and Sword)

Gokusen movie — new trailer streamed

2 06 2009

JG_GokusenA trailer for the new Gokusen movie has been posted, including some casting surprises along with it. 

It appears that actors from the first two seasons of the popular series will be joining Yankumi in her continuing plight to protect her students. Shun Oguri, Yuma Ishigaki and Hiroki Marimiya from the first season and Mocomichi Hayami, Teppei Koike and Keisuke Koide from the second will join the third season’s cast of misfit students.

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Gokusen movie teaser released

20 04 2009

jg_gokusen-iiiRecently J Geeks brought you a review of the Gokusen TV series, itself adapted from a manga and anime. Now the next version is here: Gokusen the movie. The film will bring back season 3’s cast, and you can find the first teaser here!

Courtesy of Nippon Cinema

Tatami Drama Critic — Gokusen

17 04 2009

All That Drama, Part I

jg_gokusenFor the next few installments of Tatami Critic, we’re going to take a break from the movies and talk a bit about another enjoyable Japanese genre: The Drama.

Most dramas in Japan seem to be following a trend similar in the U.S.: one-hour episodes (less accounting for commercials) arranged in smaller runs of somewhere around 10-12 episodes (the brilliantly made Kisarazu Cat’s Eye, on queue for review in a later installment, intuitively had a nine-episode run, corresponding to the number of innings in a baseball game).

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