One Piece recap OVA announced

5 02 2010

Due out March 17, according to Anime Newtype Channel, is One Piece an album CD featuring mostly openings and endings from the show. Bundled with the album will be a recap OVA series.

The recap is supposed to cover the entire One Piece saga up its current position (impressive, given its 10+ years run).

The album itself will contain 33 music tracks, and will retail for 3360 yen, or 3990 for the special edition.

New manga series from To Love Ru creator coming

4 11 2009

JG To Love RuTo Love Ru creator Kentaro Yabuki has announced that he will be launching a new series in the Jan. 4 issue of  Jump Square.

To Love Ru ended recently (Oct. 31) and the speed is surprising to many as most manga-ka take a year or more between the end of one series and the start of another.

The name of the new series or any details about it are yet unknown.

Meanwhile, the last three tankobon volumes of To Love Ru will feature three OVA volumes, making six in total, in addition to the television series.

Check out the opening for To Love Ru here: (To Love Ru)

Gundam Unicorn announced as OVA

24 08 2009

JG Unicorn gundamFans looking forward to the release of the newest in the Gundam canon, Gundam Unicorn, received news yesterday that the series will be released in OVA format.

The announcement came at the Gundam Big Expo in Tokyo that the series would be released in six 50 minute episodes. The series will take place three years after the events of Char’s Counterattack.

Gundam Unicorn is based on a series of novels by Harutoshi Fukui, adapting the first two novels of the ten-novel series.

New Negima OVA announced; promo streaming

1 07 2009

JG NegimaIn anticipation of the new Negima OVA series, Mahou Sensei Negima – Mou Hitotsu Sekai, the official Negima website has begun streaming a two-minute promo.

The series, which revolves around a 10-year-old sorcerer from a foreign country who must, as part of his training, teach English at an all girls junior high school — and his class of 31 girls are almost unanimously enamored of the young magician.

The new OVA will begin shipping DVDs with the ongoing manga series, starting with volume 27. 

To see the promo, click: Here!