J Geeks gets new website

25 03 2011

The J Geeks website has gotten a new look and address.

The new site is www.jgeeks.com.

The site will also be undergoing a change in format, focusing more on original content like reviews, and also on Japanese study. A little less emphasis will be placed on news items, as much as it will be a site yo hopefully bring something new to reader’s eyes.

The look of the site is not necessarily final, and will be undergoing tweaks in the coming weeks. As of now, all new posts will appear on www.jgeeks.com.

Queen’s Blade OVA final episodes delayed

25 10 2010

The final two episodes of the Queen’s Blade Original Video Animations will be delayed by one month.

The fifth episode will release on Jan. 26 of next year, and the final episode will appear Feb. 23.

The OVA series, called Queen’s Blade: Utsukushi Toushi-tachi, launched in August of this year.

To see a promo for the series and other Queen’s Blade related clips, click here: (Queen’s Blade)

Early Impressions: Queen’s Blade 2

3 10 2009

JG Queen's Blade 2-2If you’re reading this post, then there’s probably a good chance you already know what you’re getting into. Queen’s Blade: Gyokuza no Tsugumono is a lot like the first anime series; for better or for worse.

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Strike Witches DS game due Nov.; opening out now

3 10 2009

JG Strike Witches DSThe official website for the upcoming Strike Witches Nintendo DS game, Aoi no Dengekisen — Shin Taichou Funtousuru!, has released the game’s opening movie

Strike Witches is somewhat hard to explain, but revolves around a group of moe girls anthropomorhized with military airplanes, as well as a degree of magic. Starting out as a mixed media project, Strike Witches launched manga, anime and light novel adaptations.

To see the game’s opening animation, click: Here!

J Geeks headed to Japan!

7 07 2009

JG VacationOn July 9, J Geek’s coverage will likely take a dramatic turn as your J Geeks editor, B.C., will be headed to the wonderful city of Yokohama for two weeks. At this point it isn’t certain how often posts will be made or their exact nature, but needless to say they will reflect a more Japanese experience. Expect to see something like “J Geeks in Japan” or something. Actually, that’s not bad. Hmm. At any rate, I hope to look as relaxed as the woman above. 

This will be J Geek’s second time to Japan, first time as a non-working visitor. (I spent most of my last five-week trip teaching English, which is a great way to go to Japan for those with limited resources. I only had to bring spending money and got by on around $700 for the entire five weeks – I spent nearly the last of my money at Narita airport buying the One Piece first log.)

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Check it! Umi Monogatari opening streamed

16 06 2009

JG Umi no MonogatariThe opening for Umi Monogatari, previewed in J Geek’s June Summer Anime Preview, can be seen streamed online. 

Umi Monogatari’s story is such: Two sisters live under the sea (though yearning to see the surface), until they one day discover a ring sinking to the surface. Determined to return to return the ring, the two embark on a journey to the surface to find its owner and fulfill their dream of seeing the dry world, while inadvertently awakening a higher power.

Umi Monogatari debuts on June 24. Check out the opening by clicking: Here!