Ponyo to release on BD, DVD simultaneously

30 10 2009

JG Ponyo

From Miyazaki's Ponyo

Ponyo will release on both Blueray and DVD on March 2, it was confirmed on producer Frank Marshall’s twitter account on Thursday.

The DVD release will contain a plush gift set option, containing the 2-disc version of the film and a plush toy. The plush set isn’t planned for the BD version yet, but could be offered if the DVD release is well-received, Marshall said.

Ponyo, receiving arguably the most U.S. attention of a Hayao Miyazaki film to date, is still running in American theaters, and to date has grossed  over $15 million.

See a clip of Ponyo here: (Ponyo)

Latest Miyazaki film to get 800 U.S. screens

8 06 2009

JG PonyoDisney has announced that the latest film from director Hayao Miyazaki, Ponyo, will be shown in 800 screens for its U.S. theatrical release. It will be the largest ever U.S. release for a Miyazaki film.

Ponyo’s story sounds strikingly similar to Disney’ The Little Mermaid: A young mermaid/fish decides she wants to be human, casting aside her home and washing up on the shore where she is rescued by a young boy named Sosuke. 

To see a trailer for the upcoming film, click: Here!

News – Stictch! gets spin-off

1 04 2009

jg_stitchLike Disney? It’s no secret that the Japanese do too. So much, apparently, that in the case of Stitch at least, they created a spinoff TV series. Stitch! the series has apparently been green-lit for a second season, no doubt to the smiles of Japanese fans. The series is based in Japan, with Japanese characters for Stitch to interact with, eliminating the Hawaiian setting along with the other title character, Lilo. 

Source: Anime News Network