Check it! New Takahashi manga now online

11 05 2009

JG_RinneViz media now has available the first chapter of Ranma 1/2 creator Rumiko Takahashi’s newest series, “Rin-ne.” To read the story, which is in English, follow the link: Here!

Rin-ne is a story about a high school girl who, after an incident in her early childhood, has the ability to see ghosts while struggling with trying to be a normal teenager. The first few pages look like everything one would expect from Takahashi — sharp and subtle.

A link to the Japanese version will be posted as it becomes available.

Yatterman – Anime remake of a live action remake

11 05 2009

JG yattermanCourtesy of a new preview website, it has been announced that a new anime version of the live Takashi Miike live action Yatterman film is in the works, scheduled for Aug. 22.

The film itself was a film remake of a classic anime series, about a dou of mecha pilots out to stop the evil Doronbo gang, who are seeking the Skull Stone, said to reveal the location of the largest gold deposit in the world.

The Yatterman film was a success at the Japanese box office, taking the No. 1 spot for four straight weekends. 

Just for fun, here’s a link to the opening of the 1977 anime version. Click: Here!