Greeeen’s latest album cracks one million

22 06 2009

JG GreeeenThe latest album from J pop band Greeeen, Shio, Kosho, became the second in the band’s career to top the one million units sold mark. 

Greeeen may be best known for providing the theme song for the drama Rookies, extremely popular in 2008 and recently made into a box office-smashing movie. 

The album sold nearly half a million copies in its first week. Greeeen’s other one million unit selling album is A, Domo. Ohisashiburi desu. (Aprox. “Ah, Yes. It’s Been a While”).

Utada the digital master

21 04 2009

jg_utadaJpop news reported that Japanese pop idol Hikaru Utada has now sold more digital copies of her music than any other recording artist in history. Reportedly Utada sold over $7 million copies of her single, “Flavor of Life,” in February, and her numbers continue to climb, already surpassing  the $10 million mark. 

Utada is gaining interest in the U.S. again with her second English album, “This is the One,” ironically named after her first English album generally fell short of sales expectations. J pop has a strong niche market in the U.S.. but Utada’s people are hoping she’ll be the one to make a more mainstream splash. 

To hear the single “Flavor of Life,” click: Here!

Prime Minister Aso pimpin’ it with idols

18 04 2009

akb48This year’s cherry blossom viewing came with a little perk for Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso. Accompanying him on the seasonal delight was AKB48, the famous pop idol group, along with a host of celebrities. Aso is reportedly a fan of manga and anime, and several professionals from the industry were also in the entourage. For a photo of Aso and the crew, click: Here!