U.S. Utada tour planned

13 11 2009


hikaru utada

Hikaru Utada’s official website has announced that the singer will launch a monthlong tour of the U.S. The dates are as follows:

January 15 Honolulu, HI
January 19 Los Angeles, CA
January 21 Seattle, WA
January 24 San Francisco, CA
January 30 Las Vegas, NV
February 2 Chicago, IL
February 5 Boston, MA
February 8 New York, NY
February 12 London, UK

Called In the Flesh, the tour is largely to promote Utada’s latest English language album, This is the One. It’s her second album released in English.

Tickets for most venues went on sale last week.

(Schedule courtesy Anime News Network)

Utada postpones U.S. Tour

12 05 2009

JG Utada 5-12It was announced earlier this week that Jpop idol Hikaru Utada would be making an appearance at five U.S. stores, but the tour has since been postponed. 

Utada is ailed with “an acute case of left relapsing peritonsillitis,” accoring to the singer’s website. 

Utada had planned the tour to promote her latest album, “This is the One,” which is her second English Language album to date. Utada is wildly successful, the best-selling digital artist in the world, and enjoys a loyal following in the U.S., though her first English language album failed to meet sales expectations. Her previous U.S. public appearances have been well-attended, and her next tour is expected to be the same.

To see more details on Utada’s website, click: Here!

Utada the digital master

21 04 2009

jg_utadaJpop news reported that Japanese pop idol Hikaru Utada has now sold more digital copies of her music than any other recording artist in history. Reportedly Utada sold over $7 million copies of her single, “Flavor of Life,” in February, and her numbers continue to climb, already surpassing  the $10 million mark. 

Utada is gaining interest in the U.S. again with her second English album, “This is the One,” ironically named after her first English album generally fell short of sales expectations. J pop has a strong niche market in the U.S.. but Utada’s people are hoping she’ll be the one to make a more mainstream splash. 

To hear the single “Flavor of Life,” click: Here!