Bamboo Blade manga ends in September

20 08 2010

Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine announced Friday that the Bamboo Blade manga series will be ending with the Sept. 3 issue.

The series is about a kendo instructor who is challenged to a duel by a former classmate to a duel between their female students. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any… yet.

The series began in 2007, and the anime was licensed for North America.

Time of Eve manga announced

7 02 2010

A manga series based on the anime series Time of Eve (Eve no Jikan) has been announced.

Due to debut in the Feb. 19 issue of Young Gangan, the series will adapt what originally aired as a six-episode series on the internet. Eve no Jikan tells the story of everyday life in a world filled with robots and life-like androids. It’s billed as “non-hard science fiction,” meaning the sci fi element is downplayed in favor of character development.

Also launching from the series is a movie adpating the first six episodes, called Time of Eve the Movie: First season complete edition.

The manga will be drawn by Yuuki Oota and written by creator Yoshiura Yasuhiro. Young Gangan is published twice per month.