Anime adaptation announced for Sket Dance

21 10 2010

Sket Dance, a mange series running in Shounen Jump since 2007, will be adapted into an anime series, according to a leaked ad in the next issue of popular manga anthology.

The comedy series Sket Dance received the 55th Shogakukan manga award in 2009. The series is about three high school students who form a support group club called “Sket-Dan” to help the student body with various problems.

The series is scheduled to premiere next spring.


Black Lagoon season 3 announced

20 03 2010

According to Moon Phase Diary, a new OVA season of Black Lagoon will be released by Japanese publisher Shogakukan.

Called Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail. the series will debut on DVD and Blu-ray on July 17.

Black Lagoon is about a group of mercenary pirates called Lagoon Company who smuggle goods on the Southeast Asian seas.

To see the opening for the first Black Lagoon series, click here: (Black Lagoon).