July Anime Preview — Part II

3 07 2009

Well, here it is! The last installment of the summer anime previews. They been both laborious and a pleasure to write, bringing both insights into what’s coming up in anime (and what’s destined for the clearance bin) and writing this has been an education for this anime viewer. 

This installment includes the new Spice and Wolf, maybe the most anticipated of the series listed, along with some clunkers and plenty of “could be cool, could be lame” stuff. For this installment, I’ve removed the excitement level and likelihood of stateside release, the former because many of the series I really wasn’t sure, and the latter because it occurred to me that it’s sort of a moot issue these days. Series become popular in the anime insider crowd long before they, if ever, see actual release in the U.S. The fact that there are was so much English information about these shows available (saving me the trouble/pitfalls of translating Japanese sites) is a testament to that. 

So, without further ado, please enjoy the last of the summer anime previews:

JG Princess LoverPrincess Lover

Chiba TV, 07/05, Sun. 24:30

Admittedly, the plot here sounds similar to To Love Ru: A parentless boy who is supposed to be successor to a powerful father figure gets involved with a large-chested, pink-haired bubbly princess. Sound familiar? Comparisons at this point aren’t entirely fair, of course, and the source material for this anime series comes from an adult adventure game, and the tone of the show seems to be light-hearted hentai comedy.

Website: Here!

Trailer: Here!

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