Oricon top Five

16 09 2010

Here’s Week 37 on the everchanging Oricon charts:

1. (N) Love Rainbow — Arashi

— catchy Jpop from the band taking Japan by Storm (couldn’t resist).

2. (N) Precious — Glay

— A very long, sad Jpop ballad.

3. (N) Gohan ha Okazu — Ho-kago Tea Time

— Dripping with candy-coated sweetness, laced with heavy, fast guitars that still sound cute. Here’s K-on performing Gohan ha Okazu on the show.

4. (N) Genie — Girl’s Generation

— Proving that Korean girls can sell cute just as well, and in Japan no less. Cute Kpop sung by Cute Korean girls in sexy sailor outfits.

5. (N) Zutto Mae Kara — French Kiss

— French Kiss is an offshoot from AKB48, a group of 48 idols, the concept of which I still don’t understand. The video has something to do with baseball and love, though the connection isn’t entirely clear. Should have went with sailor uniforms. That’s why Girl’s Generation beat you.

Oricon Jpop Charts: Week 20

27 05 2010

Here’s a look at this week’s Oricon Jpop rankings, with links (when possible:

Oricon, Week 20

1. (N) Going — KAT-TUN
2. (N) Devil Side — VAMPS
3. (N) Nakama — Ketsumeishi
4. (N) Thousand Enemies — Girls Dead Monster
5. (2) Arigatou — Ikimonogakari

Turning in a No. 1 this week is pop/rap group KAT-TUN with their song going. The song mixes fast-paced electronica with a mix of boy band and rapped lyrics.

This week’s charts adds a little guitar power to the Jpop charts, and The Vamps’ Devil Side packs a Marilyn Manson inspired vocals with some fast-paced guitar riffs. The video strongly emphasizes gothic/erotic imagery with good old fashioned glam rock ideals – ie brooding rock star surrounded by sexy groupies.

Taking fourth is Girls Dead Monster with Thousand Enemies, from the Angel Beats soundtrack (link is non-video). Remeniscent of 90s pop/rock, the song is catchy and fun, if a little (not a lot) generic.

J Geeks’ top five roundup

2 12 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist finds its way into two top fives this week, with volume 21 of the manga series earning the No. 2 spot and the fourth Brotherhood DVD getting the five spot on the Oricon charts. The franchise refuses to fade into obscurity, and shows no sign of decreasing popularity.

Meanwhile, vampires still dominate the manga charts, with volume eight of Vampire Knight holding the top spot again, and Rosario Vampire finding the top five again, with volume 10 taking the No. 5 spot.

In Jpop, Exile hangs on, holding the No. 5 spot with Futatsu no Kichibiru. This week’s top slot goes to Akanishi Jin with its release Bandage.

In DVD’s Bakemonogatari enjoys a surge on the charts, getting spot numero uno with volume three. Detective Conan, Suzumiya and Gintama all share the chart this week.

The Japanese cinema charts still have yet to be updated on Box Office Mojo, and J Geeks may soon be looking for a new source.