Full Metal Alchemist to restart streaming; No word yet on One Piece

3 06 2009

JG One PieceFollowing the news of the latest episode of One Piece being leaked on the internet prior to its first-ever simulcast launch, and the subsequent news of Funimation stopping streaming of two of three episodes currently being streamed, the company has announced it will being streaming Full Metal Alchemist once again. 

Funimation had stopped streaming on One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist after a hacker broke into Funimation’s servers and leaked episode 403 on the internet a week before it was to come out. Phantom – Requiem for a Phantom remained streaming. The announcement came in light of new security measures designed to keep hackers out.

No announcement has been made regarding continuing streaming of One Piece, though undoubtedly fans are hoping the series will start again.


Hacker ruins simulcast One Piece for everyone

1 06 2009

JG_One_PieceEpisode 403 of the anime series One Piece was to be the first-ever simulcast anime episode, streaming on Funimation’s website only an hour after its premier on Japanese television, but Funimation has announced the cancellation of the simulcast in light of the episode being hacked.

Apparently, someone hacked into Funimation’s servers and posted the episode on the internet a week early. As a result, Funimation has cancelled the simulcast for the immediate future. Funimation is currently investigating the incident, with full intention of prosecuting the perpetrator. 

Meanwhile, what could have been a move in a new direction of anime distribution has now been compromised, all because someone couldn’t wait a week. Had the simulcast been a success, it could have paved the way for a new accessibility for American anime fans.

J Geeks view: Way to ruin it for everybody, idiot.

One Piece to simulcast with Ep. 403

14 05 2009

JG Luffy and ZoroU.S. fans of the anime series One Piece have reason to rejoice: Funimation recently announced that the series will be broadcasting simultaneously in Japan and America starting with episode 403. 

Each episode will be available on the website www.onepieceofficial.com, and will be available within an hour of its broadcast in Japan. The video will then trickle down to Funimation’s partner sites. 

If continued, the trend of simulcasting could make anime more accessible to fans overseas, decreasing waiting time for those craving the latest episode. It also allows the company to control the online video dissemination, enabling them to make online video a viable economic model with the sale of advertising.

Check it! One Piece movie No. 10 trailers

12 05 2009

JG One PieceScheduled for Dec. 12 is a new animated One Piece movie, the tenth in the series to date. Creator Eiichiro Oda has taken full control of production for this film, coming up with a brand new story complete with 120 rough sketches for the production staff to work with.

Also handling directing duties is Munehisa Sakai, who worked as one of the directors on the animated series.

All indications are that this will be one of the best in the series to date. To see the teasers, click: Here!

One Piece artist threatener arrested

9 04 2009

jg_one_pieceA woman was arrested on Sunday, according to the Asahi Sinbun, for a series of threats against One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda. The woman, Hukushige Noriko, had been sending a series of threatening text messages to Oda, one reading Die! Die! after her husband had been let go by Oda’s office. After being arrested, the woman admitted to the charge.