Spice and Wolf 16th novel will be last

4 12 2010

The 16th volume of light novel series Spice and Wolf will be the last in the series, according to Temple Knights website.

The unique medieval fantasy light novel series which focuses on economics and religion has spawned anime, manga and drama CD adaptations.

The Temple Knights website mentions there is still a possibility of Wolf and Spice short stories in the future.

The 16th novel will release on Feb. 10.


New Trailer for Spice and Wolf II posted

11 06 2009

JG WolfThe official website for Okame to Koshinryou (Spice and Wolf) has posted a trailer for the second season of the anime adaptation in anticipation of its debut on July 8.

Based on a series of light novels, Spice and Wolf follows the story of a medieval traveling salesmen who is befriended by a half-wolf, half-human girl that local villagers consider the god of the harvest. 

To see the website with the new trailer (you’ll need to be able to play asp files) click: Here! Otherwise, here’s the original 15 sec. video, Here! (To be updated when a better source for the first video is discovered.)