Check it! Gothic Lotita Psycho trailers

25 05 2010

Two trailers have been posted for the upcoming film Gothic Lolita Psycho on Nippon Cinema’s website. (Gothic Lolita Psycho)

The movie is about a girl who gets revenge on those who killed her mother by dressing up in gosurori – gothic and lolita styles mixed together – and wreaks carnage on them with, among other weapons, a machine gun umbrella.

The movie seems to mix gore with humor, especially evidenced by the gag trailer also posted.

The film is slated to release at the Theater N in Shubuya on September 4, 2010.

Check it! Alien squids and giant robots

23 10 2009

JG Watashi DasuwaRecently posted on Nippon Cinema is one crazy looking trailer update. Watashi Dasuwa is a film with a fairly ordinary sounding premise: A woman returns to her hometown in Hokkaido after amassing a huge fortune, with the intention of financially assisting her old friends, hoping to help them realizing their dreams.

But, oh yeah, it just so happens that the town is producing tourism videos about being taken over by giant squid aliens upset at too many of their Earthly brethren being eaten.

The result: Some crazy scenes with giant squid riding buses as if it’s the most ordinary thing in the world.

To see the trailer, click: Here!