Bakuman anime official

15 12 2009

Rumors on 2 channel have been confirmed, as an announcement in the latest issue of Shonen Weekly Jump announced an anime adaptation to the manga series Bakuman.

Drawn by Hikaru no Go artist Takeshi Obata, the series is about two boys who aspire to become a manga artist and writer.

The series is slated to release next fall.


Full Metal Alchemist to restart streaming; No word yet on One Piece

3 06 2009

JG One PieceFollowing the news of the latest episode of One Piece being leaked on the internet prior to its first-ever simulcast launch, and the subsequent news of Funimation stopping streaming of two of three episodes currently being streamed, the company has announced it will being streaming Full Metal Alchemist once again. 

Funimation had stopped streaming on One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist after a hacker broke into Funimation’s servers and leaked episode 403 on the internet a week before it was to come out. Phantom – Requiem for a Phantom remained streaming. The announcement came in light of new security measures designed to keep hackers out.

No announcement has been made regarding continuing streaming of One Piece, though undoubtedly fans are hoping the series will start again.