Maid-Droid coming to US DVD

30 09 2009

JG Maid DroidCinema Epoch has announced that it will be releasing Maid-Droid under its adult label, Tokyo Erotique, in the U.S.

Maid-Droid is about a boy, Ueno, who is taken care of by a robot maid named Maria, purchased by his parents from a company called Maidlord Development. Over the years, Ueno falls in love with Maria, but her batteries start to run low and a series of rapes puts droids in the hotseat.

The film is also interesting in that it highlights a growing phenomena of humans falling in love with non-human objects. (See one particular NY Times article: Here!)

Maid-Droid releases on Dec. 28. To see a trailer for the film, click: Here!