To Love Ru promo streaming

12 08 2010

The newest promo for the upcoming OVA version of To Love Ru — Motto To Love Ru — is streaming at the anime’s website.

The promo features the first opening theme for the new series, “Loop the Loop” by KOTOKO.

The series will bring back all of the voice actors from the first series, and many of the key production aspects as well. Atsushi Ootsuki will direct and Yuichi Ouka will return from the first series to work on character designs.

The series is scheduled to release this fall.


To Love Ru manga spinoff announced

31 07 2010

Kentaro Yubiki’s To Love Ru manga series, will be getting a spin-off, according to early scans on 2-Channel.

The series is expected to start on Oct. 4 in Square Jump magazine. Yubiki will handle the art and Hasemi Saki will write the scripts.

The original To Love Ru series ran from April 2006 to August 2009 and launched many spinoff properties.

New manga series from To Love Ru creator coming

4 11 2009

JG To Love RuTo Love Ru creator Kentaro Yabuki has announced that he will be launching a new series in the Jan. 4 issue of  Jump Square.

To Love Ru ended recently (Oct. 31) and the speed is surprising to many as most manga-ka take a year or more between the end of one series and the start of another.

The name of the new series or any details about it are yet unknown.

Meanwhile, the last three tankobon volumes of To Love Ru will feature three OVA volumes, making six in total, in addition to the television series.

Check out the opening for To Love Ru here: (To Love Ru)