Check it! Gothic Lotita Psycho trailers

25 05 2010

Two trailers have been posted for the upcoming film Gothic Lolita Psycho on Nippon Cinema’s website. (Gothic Lolita Psycho)

The movie is about a girl who gets revenge on those who killed her mother by dressing up in gosurori – gothic and lolita styles mixed together – and wreaks carnage on them with, among other weapons, a machine gun umbrella.

The movie seems to mix gore with humor, especially evidenced by the gag trailer also posted.

The film is slated to release at the Theater N in Shubuya on September 4, 2010.


The Tatami Critic: High Kick Girl

13 05 2010

Several recent American martial arts releases have tried to take genre to higher levels than simply chop-socky kung fu fare: and failed. Perhaps the most recent example comes from Red Belt, which opened many plot twist avenues only to get lost in its own tangle of possible themes.

Coming from overseas is a film that avoids this recent trend, instead favoring a fairly a straight-forward plot and theme. High Kick Girl, while unfortunately carrying an ominous title more suggestive of hentai antics than actual martial arts, keeps things simple: Karate fighting at its best.

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Rookies’ Sato to star in Manzai Gang

11 05 2010

Ryuta Sato

Ryuta Sato, who played Kowato-sensei in the drama and movie versions of Rookies, will star in a new film called Manzai Gang.

Based on a novel by Hiroshi Shinigawa, Sato plays Kurosawa, one half of a comedy duo whose partner has quite and who has drowned his sorrows in sake. After being locked up he meets another prisoner, a natural straightman, and the two take their act to the streets.

Filming is expected to wrap up in June, with an undetermined 2011 release date.

J Geeks Weekly Roundup

26 12 2009

With little surprise, One Piece once again dominates the weekend box office charts for the week before X-mas, taking the No. 1 spot the for the second week in a row since its premiere. It will be interesting to see how much staying power the film will have. The only addition to the chart is the Nodame Cantabile movie.

As per usual, the Jpop charts are completely different this week, with the top spot going to Masaharu Fukuyama.

Topping the anime charts this week is a little slice of Americana. Bolt earned the No. 1 spot on the Oricon weekly DVD charts, with the latest Pokemon Movie to release on DVD coming in second.

It must be breaktime at the NY Times, with no manga update for the week.

J Geeks top five roundup

18 12 2009

One Piece: Strong World took the top spot in the Japanese box office for the weekend of Dec. 12-13. New One Piece movies are always a sure hit with Japanese audiences, and Strong World had a couple things going for it: Namely a prologue manga giveaway and Manga-ka Eiichiro Oda taking a more active role in its production.

Vampires still hold strong in the manga listings, with Vampire Knight, Vol. 8 in the No. 2 spot and Rosario Vampire, Vol. 10 right behind at No. 3. Bleach, Vol. 29 takes the top spot this week.

Keisuke Kuwata tops the Oricon charts this week, in a lineup that’s completely new from the previous chart.

Doraemon 30th Ann. film streamed

13 12 2009

Demonstrating its continued success and long-lasting fan appeal, a film celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Doraemon franchise is soon to be released, with a trailer streaming now.

Nobito no Ningyo no Daikaisen is slated to open in Japanese theaters on March 6. The Doraemon franchise has had a new movie nearly every year since its inception.

To see the second trailer for the film, click here: (Doraemon movie) and follow the instructions below:

(In the linked page, select the “Enter” button and then select the “決定!” button. Select the “メニュー” menu button on the righthand side, and then select the “予告編” button.) —directions courtesy Anime News Network

Check it! Saru Lock trailer

29 10 2009
JG Saru Lock

From the drama version of Saru Lock.

Saru Lock: The Movie, based on a manga series of the same name, has released a trailer and can be found by clicking here: (Saru Lock Trailer)

Japanese funny man Hayato Ichihara stars as Sarumaru, who works for his father’s locksmithing business and uses his skills to get himself in humorous adventures.

Saru Lock: The Movie is set to debut Feb. 27, 2010.