Comic Rush manga mag moves to all digital

26 01 2011

Comic Rush Magazine announced Wednesday that the anthology would be moving from print to 100 percent online starting in April. The March issue will be the last print issue.

Issues will be available on computer, ipad and iphone, and Android devices for 450 yen on the 1st of every month. The March issue is available now for free here: (Comic Rush).

Comic Rush is probably most known for printing manga series Clannad and Galaxy Angel.


Astro Boy for Iphone?

9 11 2009

JG Astro boy iphoneAstro Boy, beloved manga from the grandfather of the form, Osamu Tezuka, may be getting just a little more accessible, to iphone and ipod touch users.

Tezuka Productions and D-Arc announced that the series will be released at a rate of 100 pages for 99 cents. The app is not yet live, but is expected to be so soon.

Success of such release could change the way manga is read in the future, possibly with manga designed to be read with an electronic format in mind. Or it could ultimately prove irrelevant. After all, cell phone users in Japan already have manga-reading capability, but the anthology format still survives.

For 99 cents, however, it might just be worth checking out.