Gundam UC episode two previewed on ANN

19 10 2010

A preview of the second episode of Gundam UC is streaming on the Anime News Network website.

Gandam UC is an adaptation of a novel set in the Gundam universe. The first episode premiered on playstation network Feb. 20 and are being released there first.

The novel’s focus is the year 0096, toward the beginning of colonization.

Anime New Network is streaming the first 14 minutes of the second episode. Each episode is 50 min. long.

To see the preview, click here: (Gundam UC)


Spring anime preview posted

14 02 2010

Moonphase has posted its latest preview for the upcoming anime season, and can be checked out here: (Moetron).

Most notable, and perhaps surprising, about the new lineup is the inclusion of two American creations. Iron Man will make its debut on Japanese airwaves, the first in several planned attempts to draw a Japanese audience for Marvel properties (Wolverine is next, due out in summer).

Speaking of Marvel, Stan Lee’s and Studio Bones’ Heroman will debut as well. Heroman is about a boy on the West Coast of America who discovers his toy robot transforms into a crime fighting superhero.

Other than that, the biggest series of merit seem to be continuations. The revered K-On will be back for its second season, and Major will be back for its sixth. Ikki Tousen will bring another season of hentai fighting fun, and nothing short of three anime series (including an SD Gundam series) will in some sense pay homage to Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Oh, and let’s not forget Gundam Unicorn, and new To Love Ru and Negima OVAs.

Gundam Unicorn announced as OVA

24 08 2009

JG Unicorn gundamFans looking forward to the release of the newest in the Gundam canon, Gundam Unicorn, received news yesterday that the series will be released in OVA format.

The announcement came at the Gundam Big Expo in Tokyo that the series would be released in six 50 minute episodes. The series will take place three years after the events of Char’s Counterattack.

Gundam Unicorn is based on a series of novels by Harutoshi Fukui, adapting the first two novels of the ten-novel series.