Man torches house over lost Gundams

10 08 2009

JG Gundam ModelA bigger threat than Zion invaded 29-year-old Japanese factory worker Yoshifumi Takabe: his mom. According to police reports, Takabe set fire to the two-story home he shared with his 55-year-old mother, himself also doused in kerosene, after suspecting that his mother had disposed of his gundam models. 

Takabe reportedly told police that he was so upset over the models’ disappearance that he wanted to commit suicide, though despite being doused in kerosene both him and his mother escaped the blaze uninjured. No word on whether the models were in fact thrown out or melted in the blaze.

First reported in the Kobe Shinbun. (Photo: A Gundam model worth burning down the house for — though perhaps not literally.)