Check it! Fall anime line-up

24 09 2009

JG Negima SekaiOnce again the fine folks at Moonphase have put together a chart of the anime series debuting in fall. The list is huge, and amazingly most of the shows fall in October.

Some big highlights include the newest Inuyasha anime, The Final Act, which wraps up the rest of the manga series; Fairy Tale, based on the excellent manga series; Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi); Kobato, based on the CLAMP manga; and Kiddy Girl-and, sequel to the sleeper hit Kiddy Grade.

Also continuing are the To Love Ru OVA series, the Aika: Zero OVA series and Negima: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai.

For the full list of upcoming anime, click: Here!


Kobato anime preview streamed

21 09 2009

JG KobatoLike Clamp? The newest anime based on the popular manga group’s latest comic has a new video streaming on youtube.

Kobato, a manga series about a young girl teaching elementary school whose mission is to collect the suffering of those in pain in a bottle. The catch: She can’t fall in love with anyone whose suffering enters her bottle.

Kobato, which means “temporary,” is serialized in Newtype magazine (and is the main character’s name). The video for the preview can be seen: Here!

Check it! CLAMP in Wonderland

29 05 2009

JG CLAMPIt would be difficult to be a fan of anime and/or manga without, at some point in your otaku career, coming across the name CLAMP. A group of four women mangaka, CLAMP has produced such works as Magic Knight Rayearth, Card-Captor Sakura, XXXHolic and contributed character designs for many other works, such as the recent Code Geass.

In something of a celebratory fashion, CLAMP put together a series of short films containing many characters from the CLAMP canon, mixed with anime-theme-esque music. In essence, they created their own AMV — though unlike the otaku created works, CLAMP was able to provide its own footage.

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