New Negima OAD promo streamed

2 09 2009

JG NegimaThe second OAD Negima series now has a three-minute promo video streaming on the Kodansha website.

Called Mahou Sensei! Negima!:  Mou Hitotsu no Sekai (Magical Teacher Negima: A More Unified World *my translation* or Another World *Anime News Network’s), the story was created by Ken Akamatsu and supervised by him personally.

The first of four volumes ships with the 27th tankoubon on Sept. 17.

To watch the three-minute promo, click: Here!


New Negima OVA announced; promo streaming

1 07 2009

JG NegimaIn anticipation of the new Negima OVA series, Mahou Sensei Negima – Mou Hitotsu Sekai, the official Negima website has begun streaming a two-minute promo.

The series, which revolves around a 10-year-old sorcerer from a foreign country who must, as part of his training, teach English at an all girls junior high school — and his class of 31 girls are almost unanimously enamored of the young magician.

The new OVA will begin shipping DVDs with the ongoing manga series, starting with volume 27. 

To see the promo, click: Here!