Isshoni Training 2 confirmed

10 10 2009

JG IsshoniIsshoni Training, the labor of love anime episode that combines moe and fitness, will have a sequel, it was confirmed on Amazon Japan’s website.

The video features a 16-year-old girl who”motivates” otaku into exercising along with her, as she twists and bends and stretches and sweats. The video was the creation of Muneshige Nakagawa, who lead the effort to see his vision created almost singlehandedly.

The second Isshoni Training video comes out in February. To see a clip of the first video, click: Here!


Check it! Isshoni Training fitness anime

7 05 2009

JG IsshoniThis is perhaps one of the more bizarre things to come out of the world of anime, but once one stops to think about it, why not? Muneshige Nakagawa, owner of the company Primastrea, started the business for the sole purpose of creating this anime workout video. In an interview with culture website GyaO, Nakagawa said that he wanted to make this project that no one else would be stupid enough to do.

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