First impressions: Fairy Tail

28 10 2009

JG Fairy Tail anime 3Critics could probably be forgiven for calling Fairy Tail another One Piece. With cartoony animation, a very powerful but very silly make protagonist and an attractive but sly female lead, and its easy to see why this comparison would crop up in more than one review.

In fact, Eiichiro Oda and Hiro Mashima, manga-ka of One Piece and Fairy Tail, respectively, were both heavily influenced by Akira Toriyama, and the styles of both artists look strikingly similar.

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Tatami Tunes: Advantage Lucy — Echo Park

23 04 2009

jg_echo-parkAdvantage Lucy

Echo Park


Popping in a disc by a band named Advantage Lucy can’t help but make one feel cool and elite. The name practically reeks of untranslatable random/cool, English put together in that unique way only the Japanese seem capable of.

But the name itself, derived from an earlier name of Lucy van Pelt (of Peanuts fame), should not lead one to believe that this is a gimmicky band with a cool, random name. Advantage Lucy delivers a rock/pop sound that is as inventive as it is solid.

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