Mardock Scramble anime deature details minimal

10 03 2010

Few details for the upcoming anime feature Mardock Scramble have been released so far, but some things like a few character designs have been added to the official website.

Mardock Scramble was originally slated as a highly anticipated anime series to be produced by Gonzo, but was cancelled in 2006. The story revolved around Rune Ballot in a futuristic city with a secret organization involved with mind-control.

The movie is based on a light novel series of the same name.

Pictures of characters and story details are about all that’s posted on the website, which can be fund here: (Mardock Scramble).


J Geeks in Japan: Akihabara and then some

13 07 2009

The journey continues, with some intersting otaku buiness to report.

Yesterday, I went to see Rookies, the movie that finishes the drama`s story of a group of deliquent high school baseball players straightening up and pursuing their dream of a national championship. I`ll be the first to admit that my understanding of Japanese is still lacking, and I understood only about half of what was said. However, the movie, which was a lot like a longer episode (though perhaps more dramatic) employs enough other elements that, even when the words are not understood, the situation is impossible not to grasp. The dramatic power of Rookies was apparent as even my skeptical girlfriend (who is Japanese)  was in tears for about half the film. It`s definitely worth checking out.

Also made a short journey to Akihabara, impromptu, and found To Love Ru figures and, to my surprise and delight, a machine containing Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo keitai figures. Of course I plugged the machine full, and got each one (only one duplicate!).

Well, that:s the report for today. Later,  Iwill report on my trip through Osaka and Kyoto (the former of which I now am). Ja mata!

J Geeks in Japan: Yokohama arrival

11 07 2009

Your J Geeks editor has arrived in Yokohama, and is currently typing this entry from a netto kisa (internet cafe), kind of like a small office cubicle with computers, free drinks and all the DVDs and manga one can get.

Interestingly enough, the big news topic seems to be the recent death of pop legend Michael Jackson, who was very well-loved by the Japanese. Also in the news was the recent release of Dragon Quest iX which fans lined up around the block for at various locations. Waiting buyers received a fan with the series` signature slime on, which it appears they were able to keep.

That`s all for now, but expect updates when I can get near a computer!