Check it! Summer anime preview posted

23 05 2010

Compiled by data from moonphase, the latest chart featuring anime series debuting in June and July has been posted.

Here’s the breakdown from J Geeks:

The good: Seikimatsu no Occult Gakuin holds the promise of a fun supernatural/academy series, with an occult university locked up like a fortress. Nurarihyon no Mago, based on a manga series, holds promise in the form of taking an anime staple – the reluctant demon – and turning it on its head.

The bad: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes might as well be called Generic adventures of the Generic Stock Characters. I got bored just reading this title. I realize the title makes a little more linguistic sense in Japanese – but only a little.

The moe: Strike Witches 2. Love it or hate it, its about as moe as they come.

The weird: Osaka Hamlet. As far as anime goes, maybe this isn’t so weird, but one character’s obsession with the character Hamlet might pave the way for some interesting Shakespeare references, rending this beyond the usual fare of animation from Japan.

Wanna see for yourself? Check out the chart, plus a very extensive release schedule,  here: (Summer anime).


Check it! Build your own PC w/ anime girl

13 05 2010

Windows 7 mascot Nanami Madobe

Follow Windows 7 mascot Nanami Madobe as she walks you though building your very own PC (extremely quickly), and the wonders of the Windows 7 platform. (Nanami Madobe)

The voices are, of course, in Japanese, but the curiosity factor should be compelling enough.

Nanami is one of several OS-tan personifications, depicting various operating systems as anime characters. The “tan” suffix is a cutesy way of the “chan” suffix, which in itself is a way of rendering affection or adorableness.

Link courtesy of Moetron.

Check it! Learn Japanese via anime, manga

8 02 2010

The Japan Foundation has launched a website focused on teaching the Japanese language to foreigners using anime and manga. The site launched on Feb. 1.

While hardly the first to attempt this (many other tries at this have had various results), The Japan Foundation is dedicated to spreading Japanese language knowledge, are the administrators of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and run several language and cultural institutes outside of Japan – meaning if they take on a project like this, it’s likely worth noting.

The website isn’t fully online yet, but several of the sites features can be accessed now.

J Geeks editorial prediction: Anyone thinking this alone will teach you Japanese is probably mistaken, but it will likely serve one more valuable resource for learners of the language.

To access the site, click here: (The Japan Foundation).

J Geeks’ Top five roundup

25 11 2009

This week’s big news seems to be in the DVD front, where an American invasion has taken over the top five. K-On! leads the pack, but hot on its heels are Monsters vs. Aliens, Terminator: Salvation and Star Wars: Clone Wars. Rounding out the top five is a blast from the past, Doraemon Time Machine box 1979 (just so happens to be the year I was born).

Still waiting on Oricon charts for Jpop singles, and once again box office mojo is behind on their Japan totals. In manga, vampires still pervade the top five with Vampire Kisses holding the top spot.

Check back later in the week for an updated Jpop chart.

Check it! Saru Lock trailer

29 10 2009
JG Saru Lock

From the drama version of Saru Lock.

Saru Lock: The Movie, based on a manga series of the same name, has released a trailer and can be found by clicking here: (Saru Lock Trailer)

Japanese funny man Hayato Ichihara stars as Sarumaru, who works for his father’s locksmithing business and uses his skills to get himself in humorous adventures.

Saru Lock: The Movie is set to debut Feb. 27, 2010.

Check it! Alien squids and giant robots

23 10 2009

JG Watashi DasuwaRecently posted on Nippon Cinema is one crazy looking trailer update. Watashi Dasuwa is a film with a fairly ordinary sounding premise: A woman returns to her hometown in Hokkaido after amassing a huge fortune, with the intention of financially assisting her old friends, hoping to help them realizing their dreams.

But, oh yeah, it just so happens that the town is producing tourism videos about being taken over by giant squid aliens upset at too many of their Earthly brethren being eaten.

The result: Some crazy scenes with giant squid riding buses as if it’s the most ordinary thing in the world.

To see the trailer, click: Here!

Check it! Manga news

17 10 2009

No, not news about manga — this website, likely the first of its kind, gives the news in manga!

Whether its a news conference or a Japanese baseball game, everything at is illustrated with the dramatic flair one expects from the manga style. Of course, its all in Japanese, but its worth checking out for its novelty if for nothing else. At any rate, its an interesting experiment.

JG News MangaThe above image from Hussy841, a political economic column. To see the News Manga website, click: Here!