Check it — Club Sunday

14 12 2010

Club Sunday is an online manga site from the magazine from Japanese publisher Shogakukan. This month the site posted the first chapter of Raiden 18, a series created by Full Metal Alchemist manga-ka Hiromu Arakawa.

The series is about Dr. Tachiba, a woman who creates her own monster under the influence of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

The first chapter ran in Sunday GX in 2005, and the second later that year. The third chapter will run in Sunday GX this year.

In all, the site features four other series to read as well.

Check it out here: (Club Sunday).

Check it! Disgaea opening sequence

5 12 2010

The opening sequence for the upcoming Makai Senki Disgaea 4 has been released on the game’s official website.

The Playstation 3 game is slated for a February release in Japan. The roleplaying game centers on Valbatoze, a former tyrant now a Netherworld prison warden, who vows to take over the corrupt Netherworld and rule once again. He’s joined by his loyal servant Fenrich and a high school girl Fuuka, who died for unknown reasons.

This time around, politics will play a central role in this fourth addition to the unorthodox strategy rpg series.

Check out the video below: Read the rest of this entry »

Check it! Gantz movie trailer posted

7 10 2010

The first of two planned Gantz live-action movies now has a trailer posted on the film series’ official website.

Gantz is the story of two college students killed in a train accident, but are forced to join with several other recently deceased people in order to fight aliens in a chance to regain their lives.

The first of the two movies will be released in Japan Jan. 29, 2011.

To see the trailer, click here: (Gantz) or check out the version on Japanese TV here: (Gantz)


Check it! Oooku (Ohoku)

1 10 2010

Out today (Oct. 1) in theaters is the Tokugawa-era film Oooku (Ohoku).

Oooku (which translates to the shogun’s harem) takes place in an alternative reality Tokugawa era (early 18th century) where a disease drastically reduced the male population of Japan. In this new matriarchal society, a young man decides to enter the female shogun’s inner chamber to try and earn money to marry the woman he loves (an expensive right in this era).

Check out the teaser trailer here: (Oooku) or a more fleshed out trailer here: (Oooku).

Check it: Abacus and Sword

22 09 2010

Movies about the Edo period of Japan are a dime a dozen, but a movie about an Edo-period accountant?

Abacus and Sword (Bushi to Kakeibo) explores the world of accountant Hachidaime, who along with his wife (Yukie Nakama of Gokusen fame), struggles to keep their life in order during a time of political upheaval. The film is based on the diary of an unknown accountant working for the Kaga Samurai Clan.

The movie is lated to release in Japan on Dec. 14. In the meantime, see the trailer for the movie here: (Abacus and Sword)

Check it: Garo: Red Requiem

19 09 2010

Combining fantasy CGI with swords and magic, Garo: Red Requiem is due out on Oct. 31 in Japanese theaters.

The story is about a group called the Makai knights, who’ve secretly defended the populace from hordes of demons for eons. A new group of seven “Apostle Horrors” will put the team to the ultimate test.

Garo is based on a TV series from 2005, though the movie features a much larger budget.

Check out the film trailer here: (Gora: Red Requiem.)

Check it! Gothic Lotita Psycho trailers

25 05 2010

Two trailers have been posted for the upcoming film Gothic Lolita Psycho on Nippon Cinema’s website. (Gothic Lolita Psycho)

The movie is about a girl who gets revenge on those who killed her mother by dressing up in gosurori – gothic and lolita styles mixed together – and wreaks carnage on them with, among other weapons, a machine gun umbrella.

The movie seems to mix gore with humor, especially evidenced by the gag trailer also posted.

The film is slated to release at the Theater N in Shubuya on September 4, 2010.