First impressions: Panty and Stocking

19 11 2010

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Studio: Gainax

Episodes: 26

You just don’t see characters using the bathroom in anime.

There are quite a few things in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt that go beyond the ordinary realm of the anime canon.

Let’s start with our heroines, Panty and Stocking, charged with keeping the city of Detron safe. Named for their weapons, the two fight evil by stripping their undergarments, which turn into a gun and a sword, respectively.

The two couldn’t be better foils: Panty is a blonde hedonist who loves speed and sex; opposite her is Stocking, a dark-haired gothic with a love of sweets.

All this awash in style that seems a mating of Samurai Jack with the Powerpuff Girls, on a dose of adrenaline. Bright, bold colors assault the viewer to an energetic, electronic soundtrack.

No subject matter is taboo with Panty and Stocking. Panty is awoken in the first episode from a night of sex, preferring to debate the merits of morning wood versus candy with Stocking rather than listen to their next mission: Stop a monster eating citizens using the toilet.

It’s only when Panty herself is nearly eaten by the excrement monster that she enlists Stocking to help her exact revenge (primarily for being covered in poo). They do so by pole-dancing their undergarments off, turning them into the aforementioned weapons and blowing the monster into bits.

If you think that’s giving too much away, Panty and Stocking isn’t really about plot. This show is about style and attitude, and P and S have it in spades.




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