Queen’s Blade OVA final episodes delayed

25 10 2010

The final two episodes of the Queen’s Blade Original Video Animations will be delayed by one month.

The fifth episode will release on Jan. 26 of next year, and the final episode will appear Feb. 23.

The OVA series, called Queen’s Blade: Utsukushi Toushi-tachi, launched in August of this year.

To see a promo for the series and other Queen’s Blade related clips, click here: (Queen’s Blade)


Anime adaptation announced for Sket Dance

21 10 2010

Sket Dance, a mange series running in Shounen Jump since 2007, will be adapted into an anime series, according to a leaked ad in the next issue of popular manga anthology.

The comedy series Sket Dance received the 55th Shogakukan manga award in 2009. The series is about three high school students who form a support group club called “Sket-Dan” to help the student body with various problems.

The series is scheduled to premiere next spring.

Gundam UC episode two previewed on ANN

19 10 2010

A preview of the second episode of Gundam UC is streaming on the Anime News Network website.

Gandam UC is an adaptation of a novel set in the Gundam universe. The first episode premiered on playstation network Feb. 20 and are being released there first.

The novel’s focus is the year 0096, toward the beginning of colonization.

Anime New Network is streaming the first 14 minutes of the second episode. Each episode is 50 min. long.

To see the preview, click here: (Gundam UC)

Kanokon to release on DVD after all

16 10 2010

Media Blasters has reported that it will release a one-box set of all 12 episodes of the series of Kanokon.

Based on a light novel series, the story is about a first-year high school student who unknowingly befriends a fox spirit in the form of a second-year high school girl.

Media Blasters had released a volume of the series on May 25 before putting the rest of the series on hiatus shortly after. The company said it’s going to price the set low enough so as not to punish those who already bought the first volume.

There are also six special episodes. No word on whether they will be released in the U.S.

Check out a trailer for the OVA right here: (Kanokon).

Check it! Gantz movie trailer posted

7 10 2010

The first of two planned Gantz live-action movies now has a trailer posted on the film series’ official website.

Gantz is the story of two college students killed in a train accident, but are forced to join with several other recently deceased people in order to fight aliens in a chance to regain their lives.

The first of the two movies will be released in Japan Jan. 29, 2011.

To see the trailer, click here: (Gantz) or check out the version on Japanese TV here: (Gantz)


Tegami Bachi DVD will have bonus anime

4 10 2010

The release of the first Tegami Bachi DVDs will have two bonus animations included.

Due out Dec. 22, the set will have two 2-3 minute long “Ura Tegami Bachi” episodes (Ura means rear, or in this case, hidden in Japanese).

Also available will be a limited edition set which will include a box illustrated by manga creator Hiroyuki Asada.

Check out the opening theme here: (Tegami Bachi).

Check it! Oooku (Ohoku)

1 10 2010

Out today (Oct. 1) in theaters is the Tokugawa-era film Oooku (Ohoku).

Oooku (which translates to the shogun’s harem) takes place in an alternative reality Tokugawa era (early 18th century) where a disease drastically reduced the male population of Japan. In this new matriarchal society, a young man decides to enter the female shogun’s inner chamber to try and earn money to marry the woman he loves (an expensive right in this era).

Check out the teaser trailer here: (Oooku) or a more fleshed out trailer here: (Oooku).