Cat’s Eye manga set for revival

22 09 2010

The manga series Cat’s Eye, which debuted in Shonen Jump in 1981, is set for a revival.

The series about three female cat burglars who run a cafe by day and steal art at night will launch again in October’s issue of Comic Gekkon Zenon magazine.

The series is being drawn by Asai Shingo, with input from original artist Tsukasa Hojo.

Here’s the opening of the 1983 73-episode anime adaptation: (Cat’s Eye). (Warning, totally eighties moment coming.)

(Incidentally, Cat’s Eye was also the inspiration for a recent live action drama series, Kisarazu Cat’s Eye. The series is about a group of wannabe thugs who spend their days playing baseball, drinking and plotting small crimes. The gang’s leader based the name on the Cat’s Eye manga. Kisarazu Cat’s Eye appears on the title page of the J Geeks blog!)




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