Check it! Summer anime preview posted

23 05 2010

Compiled by data from moonphase, the latest chart featuring anime series debuting in June and July has been posted.

Here’s the breakdown from J Geeks:

The good: Seikimatsu no Occult Gakuin holds the promise of a fun supernatural/academy series, with an occult university locked up like a fortress. Nurarihyon no Mago, based on a manga series, holds promise in the form of taking an anime staple – the reluctant demon – and turning it on its head.

The bad: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes might as well be called Generic adventures of the Generic Stock Characters. I got bored just reading this title. I realize the title makes a little more linguistic sense in Japanese – but only a little.

The moe: Strike Witches 2. Love it or hate it, its about as moe as they come.

The weird: Osaka Hamlet. As far as anime goes, maybe this isn’t so weird, but one character’s obsession with the character Hamlet might pave the way for some interesting Shakespeare references, rending this beyond the usual fare of animation from Japan.

Wanna see for yourself? Check out the chart, plus a very extensive release schedule,  here: (Summer anime).




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24 05 2010
Anime AMV Lover

anywhere we can watch this?

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