Oricon J Pop charts: Week 18

10 05 2010

Here’s a look at this week’s Jpop top five, with links:

Week 18
1. (NEW) Go! Go! Maniac — Ho-Kago Tea Time
2. (NEW) Listen!! — Ho-Kago Tea Time
3. (1) Mahou no Ryori – Kimi Kara Kimi E — Bump of Chicken
4. (6) Mata Kimi Ni Koi Shiteru — Fuyumi Sakamoto
5. (New) Campus life – Umarete Kite Yokatta — C-ute

This week’s top two songs come from Ho-Kago Tea Time, the band from fan-favorite K-on! Go! Go! Maniac is a high-energy ball of anime energy; Listen is a little less frentic, more reminiscent of the series first ending theme.The organ riff lends a nice touch to this tune.

Interestingly enough, the guitarist from Bump of Chicken, No. 3 on the charts, seems to own the same guitar as Yui from K-On. Their style seems to be a lot more laid-back and mellow, however.

If you want to kick a little more old school (really old school) this traditional song by Fuyumi Sakamoto hit the charts at No. 4. You’ll see this type of music on the same kind of commericials that you do Hank Williams in the States – interesting that it would hit the Oricon.

Following up at No. 5 is C-ute, every bit aptly named as they dance and strut in quasi-school girl outfits and standard Tokyo style to pretty standard J-pop fare. The name sums up the selling point here.




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