Early Impressions: Kiddy Girl-and

30 10 2009

JG Kiddy Girl-andWhen it comes right down to it, anime and food have a lot in common. Sometimes one wants to sit down to a wonderful gourmet meal with all the trimmings, or a fine sushi dinner, or the finest Indian curry you can find.

Other times you want something quick, cheap and easy. Kiddy Girl-and falls into this latter category. There isn’t exactly depth of character or intricate plotting — the series is more about fast-paced action and borderline ecchi antics.

JG Kiddy Girl-and 3

Can she defeat the dragon — and prevent anyone from looking up her skirt?

The first half of episode one focuses on Ascoeur, who seems to be a waitress at some sort of space force special ops headquarters (called GTO). Dressed like a maid from one of Japan’s maid cafes, Ascoeur is a completely flake. She can’t remember a simple order, and ends up spilling it anyway, and later shows off her bloomers (granny panties) to everyone claiming they have special powers. She’s then scolded by her cross-dressing boss, who demands she take them off.

If this seems impossibly silly, it is. However, the tone of the show changes completely (well…sort of) when the director comes in for coffee, and is attacked by assassins. But low and behold, our goofy flake of a waitress, in response to the threat against the director, reveals that she is actually… a flaky waitress with super powers? Indeed, she fights off the battle armored attackers, as well as the dragon they turn into, all while trying to cover her butt (literally, as her boss did succeed in removing the offending “bloomers”).

JG Kiddy Girl-and 2Kiddy Girl-and comes straight from the school of ridiculous anime that doesn’t even bother trying to make sense. It’s goofy, it’s silly, and for fans with a sense of humor, Kiddy Girl-and is a lot of fun. It’s also really, really weird.

To see the opening of Kiddy Girl-and, click here: (Kiddy Girl-and).




5 responses

30 10 2009
Shiroi Hane

“Bloomers” in this context doesn’t mean “granny panties” but rather traditional Japanese school gym knickers (aka “buruma”).

31 10 2009

Good point! You know, I just kept hearing buruma and couldn’t help thinking of Bulma from Dragonball.

31 10 2009
Shiroi Hane

Not that I’ve ever been accused of watching Dragonball, but her name actually is Buruma. There are other characters named after clothing also, like Trunks.

31 10 2009

Yes, “buruma” is the transliteration of Bulma. Her hat says “Bulma” but is pronounced as you said. Trunks is then “to-ra-n-ku-su.” Anyway, I digress…

4 11 2009

It’s indeed a little less detailed and less serious than the normal Kiddy Grade, but it’s still a good series! Just so funny! I want this one aired here in Belgium in the japanese language and with dutch subs! Not ducht dubbed! Ohterwise it’ll be ruined, r*ped…Dutch people suck on dubbing! Really! They ruined Beyblade, Pokémon (if it could worse), Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon (the two first series; thought it was a lot better than Pokémon), Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Hamtaro, Medabots…
maybe Mermaid Melody (if it will air on Cartoonnetwork?)

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