Agent Aika manga chapter, anime promo posted

6 07 2009

JG AikaFans looking to get an early glimpse of the newest Aika series and/or read the manga version, can now do so online. 

Aika Zero Cute, a manga based on the Aika Zero series being released soon, will be posted online as new chapters become available. The first chapter can be found: Here! (Click on the button that says: マンガを読む)

And while you’re at it, check out the 90-second promo for the Aika Zero OVA, which can be found: Here! (Part of a playlist on Amazon. And no, it is not work safe, unless you are really sneaky, or your boss happens to tolerate panty shots.)

For those not in the know, the Aika series involve a woman who earns her money as a salvager for hire, though inevitably finds herself in plenty of hentai situations with characters who seem unconcerned that their panties are visible. Aika Zero takes place during her college years.




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16 09 2009

ooH Cool. Thank for sharing with this site!

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