Check it! High Kick Girl

8 06 2009

JG High KickReleased on May 30 in Japan, a English subtitled trailer for the martial arts film High Kick girl has been released, preceding an intended international release. 

The film, despite sounding like an excuse for multiple up-skirt shots, is actually a serious martial arts film, with actors who are legitimate martial artists. HKG star Rina Takeda is a black belt karate champion, and fellow cast member and AKB48 idol group member Sayaka Akimoto is a nidan (second degree black belt) in Aikido. 

The story follows Kei (Takeda) who joins a martial arts school but quickly proves she’s the toughest fighter in the dojo. However, when her sensei refuses to give her a black belt until she masters all the forms, she joins a fighting group instead, where she gets all the fighting she can handle. But when she discovers that the group’s plans involve destroying her sensei, she quickly shifts gears to stop them.

To see a trailer for the film, click: Here!



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