Rookies shatters Japanese box office

2 06 2009

JG Rookies filmAs was largely predicted, the film version of Rookies, based on a TBS drama, destroyed box office numbers, taking in 1.2 billion yen during its opening weekend.

Some 980,000 people saw the film that continued Rookies’ storyline about a high school teacher’s attempts to revive the school’s baseball club and help them realize their dream of going to the national tournament. The film had the biggest opening weekend this year and beat last year’s top box office earner’s weekends. Rookies is expected to out-earn both in its theatrical run.

If the film surpasses the 10 billion yen ceiling, it would be only the fourth live action movie to have done so in Japanese history.




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22 06 2009
Animelist News » Blog Archive » Japanese Box Office, May 30-31

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5 08 2009

the cast of the movie was on TV show Moonlight Orchestra for a PR event

24 11 2010
Bo Berkbigler

i love to watch movies that made it to the box office, they are usually great movies with good story ‘`~

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