Rookies set to smash box office totals

29 05 2009

JG Rookies premeirThis weekend will see the release of the new Rookies movie, continuing the saga of the TBS drama; and if the buzz surrounding the movie is any indication, it may set box office records. 

The film has already sold 240,000 advance tickets, more than last year’s box office success Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers), and a stadium event held for the movie, the largest event for a film in Japanese history, sold out of its 12,000 tickets in two minutes. 

The movie continues the story of Kawato sensei and his push to revive the baseball club at the school he starts at, and with it, the dreams of the baseball team of going to the national tournament. All this despite, by the way, that he has no experience with baseball what-so-ever. 

To see a trailer for the movie, click: Here!

(Note: Also opening on this weekend is a movie called Slackers, also about a bunch of misfit baseball players. An interesting move, somewhat the opposite of what Hollywood does — in the U.S., they’d probably release it either before to catch fans waiting for the film, or after to ride its coattails.)




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