L Change the World in U.S. Theaters

24 04 2009

jg_l-change-the-worldIn move rare for Japanese movies in the United States (though perhaps becoming more common in the wake of movies like Tokyo Sonata), the third Death Note movie, L Change the World, will get a relatively large release in the United States. 

The film will be shown in both dubbed and subtitled form, depending on the day viewers choose to go. The subtitled version will air the subtitled version on April 29, with the dubbed to follow on April 30. 

For those not in the know, Death Note is a manga from the same artist of Hikaru no Go, about a brilliant but recluse student who discovers a notebook which has the power to kill whomever’s name is written within.

For a list of cinemas carrying the film and a short teaser trailer, click: Here!




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